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XtraVolume™ Water-Activated Lashes

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"I absolutely love the functionality and ease of putting these lashes on. It’s just ONE STEP & done. You literally soak them in water & apply them. No getting messy glue everywhere, or putting magnetic eyeliner on that burns your eyes...these are officially my go to lashes!!"


- Jennifer M, USA




No Glue Needed to get Volumizing Lashes in 3 secs!



With latest water-activated root, you can now have instant false lashes by just adding water! XtraVolume™ Water-Activated Lashes made to maximize your graceful lashes to up to 5X longer. Giving you the gorgeous and flawless lashes you are looking for.




Glam your daily makeup look with these gorgeous lashes. XtraVolume™ Water-Activated Lashes made with natural silky fiber which present a natural style lashes that create length and volumizing effect for any eye shape. 



  • Water-Activated -  Glue-Free!
    Just add water on the band of false lashes, apply on eyeliner and done! Takes only 3 seconds to apply!



  • Natural & Volumizing Lashes
    Ultra-fine & natural lashes present a natural and volumizing styles. 



  • Strong Adhesion
    Stay securely in place by high quality self-adhesive edge, can holds for whole day even in rainy or hot sunny day.



  • Easy Remove & Washable
    Easily remove by adding water and wash to reuse by soaking by soap water.



  • Comfy on Eyelids
    Ergonomically designed with light-weight cotton band protecting your fragile eyelashes.



  • Trimmable Ends
    Free to cut to desired length without making split end, fit on any eye shapes by pulling the band lightly.




How To Use

  • Trim the length first, drip the false lashes band into the water, apply it and fit the band with your eye shape. Takes only 3 seconds to apply!


What's In The Box?

  • Set of 4 Pairs of  XtraVolume™ Water-Activated Lashes come in Black Color






Q: Are they made of human of synthetic hair?

A: Our Water-Activated Lashes are made of synthetic hair.

Q: How many uses can you get from one pair?

A: This varies every by user, however, with proper care, lashes can be worn multiple times, usually 10 -15 times.

Q: How do you clean/care for them?

A: Lashes can be cleaned by wiping the band and lashes with a gentle eye makeup remover. After cleaning, replace the lashes back on to the tray and re-wear.

Q: How do you safely remove lashes from the tray?

A: Gently lift lash from lash try using fingers or tweezers. Be sure not to pull the lash as it may break lash hairs off or bend the band in an awkward position making the lashes unusable.

Q: What is the best way to remove lashes from eyes after use?

A: Hold skin taut near temple. Place the other hand on the outer corner of the lash and gently pull the lash towards the inner corner of the eye. No damage is done to the natural lash because the lash adheres to skin, not natural lashes. Use makeup remover pads to remove excess adhesive/makeup on the skin.

Q: How should lashes be stored?

A: Store lashes on a clean tray.

Q: Are they safe for contact lens wearers?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I sleep with them?

A: Yes.



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