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Gardening Stool

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"Having undergone knee and back surgery, my husband already gave up his green thumb. Now that he has the Garden Helper, he can enjoy gardening more than ever before. What a wonderful surprise."
- Agnes P. 

It Is Finally Time To Say Goodbye To Back, Knee & Hip Pain!



Get Back To Gardening Pain-Free!

In addition to keeping us fit and youngphysical activity can also bring a lot of satisfaction after we have finished our gardening or housework. However, if we have back pain or knee pain, getting down is no longer enjoyable. The Garden Helper™ allows you to continue doing all of your favorite garden work & household chores without any pain.

The Garden Helper™ was designed especially for senior citizens, or for those who had already had surgery, helping them with various household tasks, such as reaching in low places. It folds up and is ready to use within only 2 seconds!



Don't Ignore Your Body's Signals!

The inconvenience of living with chronic pain alignments which include knee, hip, and back pain, joint stiffness, slouched posture, and decreased mobility is beyond frustrating. Despite the fact that aging is a natural process, there are still ways to minimize its impacts, especially when it comes to preventing physical pain.

With the Garden Helper™, you can sit or kneel comfortably without getting dirty. Its arm strength makes getting up from the ground a breeze! These cushions are generously padded and it is designed to be taken anywhere! 



Its Quality Will Never Ever Let You Down!

Right-side up, it is a comfortable, extra-wide, portable seat. Featuring accessible pockets on the side, it is perfect for storing all kinds of tools and equipmentFlip it over, and you have a kneeler, useful for gardening, yard work, or other jobs around the house, like painting baseboards.

Having a weight of only 4LBs (2,2 Kilos), it is lightweight, making it easy to carry anywhere. Use it for everything from sowing your bed to cleaning your car's tires. With a capacity of up to 353LBs (160Kilos), it is perfect for all garden enthusiasts.



What are our customers saying about the 

Garden Helper™?



"Several weeks ago, I purchased the Garden Helper because I have knee problems and believed it might make gardening easier. After purchasing the first one, my husband began to use it immediately and told me that he would confiscate the first one. After purchasing a second unit for gardening, I was able to use it for the first time. I can easily get on my knees and stand back up with the Garden Helper. He was right. I will be ordering a third for good friends of ours! I am so excited to be able to get up and down with ease."
- Alice R.



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