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The Cloud Slides™

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"If there is such a thing as feetgasm, then this is it :)"


- Caitlin K




Take a step into heaven and enjoy endless comfort for your feet!




Foot Pain


Have you ever got home from a long day, taken off your shoes, and sighed in pain? Imagine putting your foot into the Comfort Slides, a therapeutic cushion slipper that compresses and relaxes your foot with each step.




Bad Joints


The Comfort Slides are ergonomically designed, the toe-to-tail is 15° angled balancing the pressure from your feet through to your hips. You'll notice instant relief for your sore feet, ankles, knees, and hips.


All Day Comfort! 


The Ultimate Comfort Slippers provide essential support for people who are constantly on their feet. Working from home never sounded so great! 


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Waterproof & Easy To Care for


The Comfort Slides are water-resistant and anti-slip, meaning you can wear them at the beach, near the pool, and in the rain. And when you want to wear them in the house, their anti wick EVA material makes cleaning the CloudFits super simple. 




Anti Slip


The Comfort Slides are designed with an anti-slip textured material to prevent you from slipping and falling as well as keeping your foot from coming out. You also won't experience any chafing or blisters in the Comfort Slides.
Also, they're super lightweight. You won't even notice they're on!




Thick Sole


Built with 4 cm thick, patent-pending materials that are anti-slip and anti-chafe so your feet don’t endure needless sores and blisters, your feet will thank you for treating them with such cushioning comfort a pair of cuddly Comfort Slides offers. These are the thickest soles you will ever find on a pair of sliders, meaning our Comfort Slides offer the best support. 




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Q - Do they fit big or small?

A - They fit a bit bigger so you can have the option to wear with socks. If you are a half size and we don’t have your available, please size down. Keep in mind that our slippers are open toed and can cover a range of sizes.


Q - Do they cure foot pain?

A - Most of our customers who experience foot pain say they help a lot! But, no they do not cure foot pain. Although, the Cloud Slides do compress with each step and absorb the position of your foot, making it more comfortable than most footwear.


Q - Why do they shrink in the sun? 

A - To make the squishiest, most comfortable material there are micro air pockets the compress when overheated causing them to shrink slightly. If you experience this, use the code SUNNY15 to save 15% off your next order. Shhh, keep the code a secret though.


Q - Are they as comfy as they look? 

A - Yes, but they are slightly stiffer when you get them. Wear them for a week to break them in and they will soften up, or soak them in warm water for 30 minutes.


Q - Are they waterproof? 

A - Yes, you can wear them in any condition. Wear them at the beach, inside, in the shower, on a walk etc.


Q - Do they fit wide feet? 

A - Yes, the cloud slides fit wide feet.


Q - Do you sell in mens? 

A - Yes, please click here 


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