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Floppy Fish™ Interactive Dog Toy

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🐾The Viral Floppy Fish™ is on SALE NOW!🔥


✅ Perfect for busy dog owners by helping treat separation anxiety
Perfect to calm stress, anxiety, and destructive behavior
✅ Veterinarian supported to improve dog well-being


Floppy Fish™ Veterinarian Approved Benefits

Reduce Separation Anxiety

The Revolutionary Floppy Fish™ is designed to keep your dogs busy reducing extreme stress from the time you leave them home. This toy come in handy when you're at work, have other important tasks to tend to, or want some quiet alone time.



Improve Well-Being

More than 75% of dogs display anxiety, boredom, and stress. The Floppy Fish™ provides mental stimulation combat, boredom, satisfies their natural instincts, and improves overall happiness and excitement for our loved ones.




Improve Dog Safety 

Our Floppy Fish prevents destructive behavior from our lonely pups resulting in less breakage of household items that can be potentially dangerous/hazardous.



Realistic Fish Stimulation

The Floppy Fish™ looks and most like a real face its interactive too-swing into action soon as your Furry kids touch it, and stay totally still when left alone. The smart built-in sensor makes its flap faster during the place and slows down when it detects no motion.


Motion-based Sensor

The Floppy Fish™ is portable and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It has to great swing and a quiet motor sound that takes playtime and bonding to a whole new level.  Thus, a great way to stimulate Natural Instincts in your fur babies.


Built-in Rechargeable Battery

The Floppy Fish™ includes a built-in battery and a USB cable for quick and easy recharging on the go. A full charge lasts for days. This means even more play increasing fun and decreasing your dog's stress and anxiety.



Durable & Petsafe Material

The Floppy Fish™ comes with strong bulletproof high-quality padding that is built to protect the motor.  it's built to withstand back and stretches helping it remain highly durable to keep your dog safe at all times.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Floppy Fish™ rechargeable?

A: Yes it is! So you don't have to worry about buying batteries all the time!

Q: What is it made out of?

A: We only use high quality durable and long toxic plush cotton for The Floppy Fish™

Q: Is it machine-washable?

A: Only the cover and filling are machine washable please do not include electric motor when washing.

Q: Can my cat play with this?

A: Yes! We've seen many customers use The Floppy Fish™ as a great cat toy.  our materials are durable and safe even for cats! If there is anything wrong you can always contact us for a replacement or a refund!


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